|| A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. ||

Bangladesh is a riverine country. About 700 rivers including tributaries flow through the country constituting a waterway of total length around 24,140 kilometres (15,000 mi). Most of the country's land is formed through silt brought by the rivers . Following is a list of some of the major rivers of Bangladesh:

Brahmaputra River
Buriganga River
Chitra River
Dhaleshwari River
Gorai-Madhumati River
Gorai River
Jamuna River (Bangladesh)
Karatoya River
Gorai-Madhumati River
Meghna River
Padma River
Teesta River
Naf River
Mathabhanga River
Muhuri River
Kopothakho River
Khowai River
Pasur River
Shitalakshya River
Titas River
Kushiyara River
Bangali River
Bhairab River


Bangladesh is called a land of rivers. Some of these are big and small, some of these are wide and long.The small river rises in the rains and dries up in winter. This kind of rivers have almost the same characteristics.Some of these small rivers are the Dhakatia, the Titas, the Buriganga,the Dhaleswari,the Teesta etc. Meghna There are hundreds of big rivers in our country. The principal rivers are the padma, the Meghna, the Dhaleswari, the jamuna, the Teesta, the Mohananda, the Punarvaba, the Pashur, the Surma, the Madhumati, the Karnafuli etc. These big rivers flows all the year round. Most of the rivers of our country rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal. The beautiful cornfields of Bangladesh are the gifts of her rivers. The revers bring enough silt and make the soil fertile. Both irrigation and manuring are done by these rivers.PadmaOur rivers are a great source of wealth. They are the best home for many kinds of fleshes, birds and plants that are rich in food value. The Padma and some other rivers are the home of the Hilsa fish. Fishing from the rivers meet our local need and we also export fish to foreign countries.Fishing solves our unemployment problem to some extent.A lot of birds like cranes, storks,sandpiper,duck, pankauris etc live in the rivers. They make nice enjoyable dishes for us. Our rivers also abound in other water foods like 'shaluk','lotus', 'paniphal' etc. Our rivers are also the source of energy. Those rivers that have a strong current can produce electricity. the Karnafuli Hydro-electric Project is an instance of this. We can use the rivers especially the swift flowing ones in the north-east region, to produce more electricity.Our rivers are important for transports too. The few roads and railways that we have are not adequate for our transport. Moreover, the building of road and cheaper than by land in our country. Karnafuli On the banks of the rivers many towns and business centres have grown up. The rivers have a great influence on the people of our country. Most of the cities, towns, industries, hats,bazars, trade centres are on the bank of rivers.